Exit The Grind.

Thanks for joining me!

I guess for my first blog post I should take a little time to introduce myself.

My name is Brad Schaumkell (Dawkins) and after having an extensive career in construction, which began after leaving school in 1998 in New Zealand. I one day woke up to realise that I no longer wanted to be subject to the same grueling routine day in day out.

Being in the construction industry as a scaffolder, while lots of fun at times can be incredibly taxing on the body, and as a result I am still carrying injuries from a decade ago that will never heal.
So much for having a great work ethic, I’m lucky I still have some use of my right (dominant) shoulder.

In the pursuit of a bigger paycheck I fell under the spell of FIFO work or Fly In Fly Out work during the resources boom in Australia at the time.
The oil and gas industry had been cranking along and they were willing to pay us huge amounts of money in exchange for our time, to help them build huge processing plants that will bring in billions of dollars annually.
All we had to do was agree to stay in the middle of nowhere, in 50C degree heat for 4 weeks out of every 5 and they were nice enough to fly us home for 1 week so we could see our families.
Enter the 4 and 1 roster, or the suicide roster as it sometimes referred to as.

One of the jobs I was on in Karratha, Western Australia had some great financial incentives, and they have a way of luring you in.
It’s so easy to hooked on the big pay cheques and start to lose sight of those things that really matter.
It happens to a lot people that get in to the industry and I guess that is why you do it.

I know some people had a great handle on how to handle it, between themselves and their families.
I know some people could deal a lot better than others, some might even be better in that sort of situation, as them spending too much time together could prove to be detrimental to their relationships.

For me, I got hooked on the money and believed that I could do it for years and years.

After being made redundant in early 2012 I stumbled across an amazing website that shows people how to build wealth through a variety of different strategies.
Everything from whole life insurance policies that can essentially be used as your own bank, if done right to buying gold and silver in case we had another currency crash.
Using real estate to generate passive income, and it doesn’t take a genius to understand that by scaling this model, you could eventually replace your income (job) if you could acquire enough properties to do so.
I was introduced to the importance of becoming your own boss, by either starting or acquiring a business.
This all seemed great so I decided to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey.
Over the next couple of years I tried opportunity after opportunity and made a sale or two here and there, lost some money, bought a bunch of hype (crap) and didn’t seem to get very far.

Most of the opportunities I tried were MLM or things like Binary Options.
There are so many scams out there it’s hard to know where to start.
Due diligence only serves you so far if you don’t really know who or what you’re looking for. Though you should not skip this step on any opportunity you consider.

The best thing anyone can invest in is there education, and not the type of education you give up 4+ years of your life to get.
While I can respect those that do decide to go down this path, I know it is not for me. I had always known I wasn’t stupid, despite doing many stupid things, I just know that school wasn’t designed for the way in which I learn best, like so many others.
It is a lot harder to achieve financial freedom working for somebody else, unless of course you are being paid around $500 p/h as a big shot lawyer in which case you need to spend a lot more than 4 years studying. Again not for me.

Take a look at Zuckerberg, Branson or Jobs for example. I’m not saying that you should can the idea of university so you can become a billionaire, but I’m saying it is not the only way to excel. I’m saying it can be done without having to make the sacrifice and you can learn something that will have a huge impact on your future, if you can see through the noise and be focussed on the right things with the right execution, or even simply just taking action, even if it is the wrong action, you will learn something for sure.
That’s why so many jobs advertised ask for people with experience.

You need experience to get a job, you a job to get experience, perfect!

That is the idea behind this blog.
To show that there are other ways to generate an income without having to rely on just a job.

I will be sharing some of the strategies I am either involved with or endorse. Some of these opportunities will be paying me commissions to promote, and some will just be to try to help anyone that feels that life was not meant to be spent working, unless you choose to, not because you have to.

I’ll always remember some of the comments I heard over the years while being in the FIFO life, when telling people that I wanted the kind of lifestyle like in “The Four Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss, they would look at me strange and the say, “I’d get bored if I wasn’t at work.”
And that baffled me, always looking to do the overtime because of the extra money and by rights you should get paid well for doing long hours.
The problem is, exchanging time for money. It’s the basis for the pay structure of most jobs, so it is something that is so familiar to us so we just blindly accept it.

There is so much more to life than working,

This further reinforced my desire to try to find that magic formula that would see me being able to follow my dreams and allow me to stay home and be with my family.

Here’s to your future, I hope you find true prosperity in life, amazing value here and the kind of happiness that we all deserve.

It will take work and it will most likely take time, no matter what it is. Thought the better you get at something the easier it will become, so stick with it and stay away from shiny object syndrome.
It is something that hindered my progress with earlier attempts at trying to generate income from home.
Taking massive action and sticking with it, will have undoubtedly seen me progress much earlier in my quest.
But you live and you learn.

Brad Schaumkell

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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